Regulatory Services


  • FPECSassists food establishments food processors, food importers and food exporters to address the Ministry of Health regulatory issues to maintain or regain compliance with applicable food laws.

  • Provide assistance in the technical review of food products, weight management products, health and nutritional supplements, and personal care products to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations and laws of Sri Lanka.

  • Provide assistance in the registration of Herbal Preparations, Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs.

  • Pre-import HS classifications for food, cosmetics, herbal preparations, and other products.

  • Matters related to available tax and duty concessions according to the Customs Tariff Gide.



Services provided by the Food Products Evaluation & Consultative Services (FPECS)

Evaluation of Ingredient Requirements

  • Permitted ingredients and prohibited ingredients
  • Functional ingredients and their permitted usages
  • Permitted food colours and their E numbers
  • Tolerance limits for food additives
  • Listing of food additives
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Evaluation of label claims

Review labels that are developed.

Check compliance to Labeling Requirements.

  • Types of claims made
  • Positioning and type size requirements
  • Mandatory and optional information
  • Prohibited information
  • Statement of Net Contents
  • Statement of Identity
  • Nutrition Information
  • Statement of Ingredients
  • Statement of Name and Place of Business