The Food Act, No.26 of 1980 – E is the main legislation governing Food Control activities in Sri Lanka.

Food Act, No .26 of 1980 English PDF

Food Act, No .26 of 1980 Sinhala PDF

Food Act, No .26 of 1980 Tamil PDF

General Objectives of the Food Act is to ensure the availability of safe, wholesome and honestly presented food supply for human consumption.

The Food Act controls, Manufacture, Importation, Sale, Distribution, Transportation, Advertisement and Labeling of food.

Amendments to the Act

Prohibitions in respect of food:

No person shall manufacture, import, sale, expose for sale, store or distribute any  food

  • Injurious to health
  • Unfit for human consumption
  • Unclean, decayed, decomposed., Insect infested.
  • Add substances in contravention of the provisions of Act and regulations
  • In contravention of the provisions of the Act or Regulations
  • Manufacture, prepare, preserve, package or store any food under insanitary conditions.
  • Import, sell or distribute any food manufactured, prepared, preserved, packaged or stored for sale under insanitary conditions

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